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Mars, Vol. 7 Fuyumi Soryo

Mars, Vol. 7

Fuyumi Soryo

Published December 1st 2002
ISBN : 9781417662524
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 About the Book 

Mars continues to be one of my favorite mangas, for the simple reason that while set in that most typical of shojo placements, a school, and featuring two of the most stereotypical shojo characters--the good girl and the naughty boy--it uses this material in different and superior ways. I mean, how many volumes of a shojo manga open with one of the main characters throttling someone to death?If that doesnt jump at you, dont bother going back and reading the rest of this series because you obviously arent interested in good mangas. If you are, however, and havent gotten to this point yet, back up and start from volume one. Once you get here, youll see the strings tightening about Rei and Kira, as their pasts start once again to collide with the present. The results are potentially deadly and Soryo places both of her protagonists in danger several times over the issues collected here.Theres an unusual amount of action this time, as Rei, Kira, and Masao face off against one another in a nerve-wracking battle of wills. Who will be strong enough to survive, and even if they do, will the past finally be enough to split them apart forever?Just a great series, you really should be reading this one if you havent already. (Library, 07/08)Trebbys Take: Highly recommended! Keep on reading!