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An Unclean Spirit Richard Hayes McCartney

An Unclean Spirit

Richard Hayes McCartney

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free.This is an OCR edition with typos.Excerpt from book:Close to thee, yet so powerless to command The smallest cup of Love- for selfish mind In dangers hour is to itself confined- While sin at first may have a bosom friend To utter selfishness at last its end. I pity Thee, thou unclad, noisome Thing, Like leaf in winter wind a shivering- What once thy garment answering to our flesh? Surely thy spirit once was held in mesh Of Glorious substance—beautiful to see More delicate than human flesh can be. What once thy Covering ? surely it was spun Out of the finest nature neath the sun, And an Imperial splendor on thee laid— One of the Grandest Creatures that Christ made. Now fallen far from thy once high estate, Now maddened at thy fell, appalling fate, Thou hast for God and Man enduring hate That falters not through years no man can date. Surely thy pathway since that awful morn Thou and thy Fellows held the Christ in scorn, Hath been an awful track, high handed crime That never wavered in the course of time. I am most curious—and I fain would ask— What well I know to be a fruitless task— Who was thy Leader in that wild affray? Hast still That Captain charge of thee to-day Who bid thee shout for Satan and his cause? I may as well til Doomsday, waiting, pause— chapter{Section 4Never an answer—are thy thin lips sealed? And I may only guess what not revealed. Has Christs Imperial Mandate put a ban Upon your lips at present—but later can Relate thy vile Rebellion to a man— How Sin commenced and Misery began? Thou bitter Enemy, who ever creeps Around my Being—and that never sleeps— But ever art alert, and sharply keen, For ever present tho not heard, nor seen, Yet surely thou art ever standing near, So ever unseen shadow and a fear, A shadow dreadful, for thy subtlety More ...