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Fallout Boy Patrick Roberts

Fallout Boy

Patrick Roberts

Kindle Edition
56 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tragedy brings everyone together…right? Not always.It was a normal day for Pahras Lawrence, you know, school and staying in the closet until one man with a grudge came in and shot up his school.After the shooting, the tragedies brought the high school students together in an odd way: They planned a party!Turns out Pahras isn’t one for parties as he is outed by the last person he expects to do so and becomes a pariah in his own school.But the only thing bigger than fallout of school shooting and his subsequent outing, is the new love life.Having to contend with homophobic and just plain mean people as well as life itself, he must navigate the daily grind and figure out exactly what is going on with his love life.